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Top 5 benefits of smart home door locks in Chandler

April 24, 2023
Person using app on phone to lock door.

Can you recall when the simplest way to grant a neighbor passage into your property was to put an extra key beneath the welcome mat or inside a flower pot? There’s a much more secure method to accomplish this now. Smart home door locks in Chandler will not only offer convenient entry to anyone you wish to permit inside, but they will also bring a new level of security and manageability to your everyday life. See our top five perks of these helpful devices.

No. 1 - Improved safety for your property

Stashing a key outside for a family member or friend isn’t the greatest idea for good reason. Smart home door locks give you the opportunity to do away with traditional locking mechanisms completely. Along with access without physical keys, these devices enhance safety in various ways as you have the chance to:

  • Program them to lock automatically following a specified amount of time once they’ve been engaged.
  • Set them to lock at specified times of day, like when you go to bed.
  • Inspect the app on your smartphone to see if the entrance is locked. If not, you are able to secure it from wherever you are.

No. 2 - Smart home door locks in Chandler simplify your life

Have you ever had trouble finding a key with arms full of groceries? This is no longer an issue with smart door locks. A simple press of your smartphone will have the door unlocked and ready for you to enter. Even though operability will differ, many models offer convenience with:

  • Remote access. Lock or unlock your door no matter where you are when you are connected to the internet. Just laid down for the night and don’t feel like getting up? All you have to do is engage the simple app on your phone.
  • Voice-activated control. Need to unlock the door when you’re in the middle of something? Just say the right command to your Amazon or Google speaker.

No. 3 - Program codes for family, neighbors, and other approved visitors

One of the great things about many smart front door locks in Chandler is that you aren’t restricted to one code for your keypad. In fact, you are able to create personalized PINs for individuals who need access, such as your spouse, children, close friends, and relatives. You could even set temporary codes or ones that only work at certain times. For example, if your cleaning service typically enters between noon and 3 p.m. on Thursdays, you can customize a code for that time frame.

No. 4 - See who activated the smart lock

This goes hand-in-hand with setting custom PINs, but it’s still worth bringing up. Not only are you able to set codes, but you may even monitor who is entering them and at what hour. Did your teen return to the house unplanned during a school day? You even have the opportunity to receive updates through your smartphone app. By doing so, you’ll be instantly notified any time a person engages the lock.

No. 5 - Integrate with other devices in your Chandler home security system

When you have home automation configured into your home security, you may add convenience and safety by having components work together. For example, you might program your main hallway light to switch on whenever the main entry lock is opened. Additionally, you can have the doors auto-unlock whenever a smoke alarm is set off, helping you exit more quickly. You can customize your security system in numerous ways.

Find smart home door locks in Chandler from Vivint

Why not bring a little extra simplicity and safety to your daily routine? Request smart home door locks in Chandler as a component of your comprehensive home protection plan from Vivint. You’ll appreciate the benefits like control from your phone, device integration, and the chance to personalize access. Call (480) 739-3177 today or use our convenient form to get started.